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Super glad to live in a world where I am just having a conversation outside of a coffee shop and a guy walking past me feels compelled, and apparently entitled, to just grab a handful of my ass.

Seeing as I’m the kind of person who really, really likes her personal space, I feel pretty disgusted by that action.

What made me even more disgusted was the fact that I was so taken back, and so god damn polite, that when I actually realized what had happened, I didn’t say a damn thing. My initial reaction, watching the guy walk away and snigger with his friend, was to say “Oh whatever, just a guy being a guy.”

But the more I thought about it, the more upset I became. Because I didn’t invite him to touch my ass. I don’t let any guy grab my ass, let alone a probably inebriated ass hole strolling by and getting a good handful. And all I wanted was to be able to go up to him and ask him what the hell gives him the right, because if not for me then maybe for the next girl he feels entitled to grope.

And this anger was cause just by a grab. I can’t imagine the disgust and violation women feel when it’s so much more than just a grab. Especially women who are too polite, or worse, too scared, to stand up for themselves.

I shouldn’t be afraid to stand outside of a coffee shop in case my personal space, and my choice to reject such a pass, is taken from me.